how much are crested geckos at petsmart

Crested Geckos At PetSmart

Are you looking for a friendly and unique pet? Consider picking up a crested gecko from PetSmart! Crested geckos are small reptiles that are a great starter pet for any reptile lover. So, how much are crested geckos at PetSmart?

Pricing for Crested Geckos At PetSmart

PetSmart typically charges an average price of around $50 for a single crested gecko. However, the price range may be as low at $20 and as high as $75. Prices vary depending on the age, size, and health of the individual gecko.

Adoption Considerations

If you are considering the adoption option, you can find crested geckos available for adoption at PetSmart shelters. Your adoption fee covers necessary vet visits and free wellness exams, and you could receive additional discounts with PetSmart Rewards.

Purchasing A Home For Your Crested Gecko

When you pick up your crested gecko at PetSmart, make sure to also pick up some supplies for its new home. Here are some of the basics you will need:

  • Habitat – A terrarium or tank to keep your gecko safe and secure
  • Substrate – An appropriate substrate for the bottom of the tank such as soil or reptile carpet
  • Lighting and Heating – A lamp and heat source to provide the right temperature and lighting conditions
  • Food and Water – Appropriate food and water dishes, as well as vitamins and minerals
  • Decorations – Rocks, plants, and other decorations to make their home look nice.

PetSmart also has many other supplies and accessories available for your pet, so you can create the perfect home for your crested gecko.


Crested geckos can be a great pet for any reptile lover, and at PetSmart you can find one for an average price of $50. Whether you want to adopt one or purchase one, PetSmart also has many supplies and accessories available for your crested gecko so you can create a comfortable and fun home for your new friend.

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