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how much light do bearded dragons need

How Much Light do Bearded Dragons Need?

Bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are a popular choice of pet due to their laid-back and easygoing nature. Furthermore, they are relatively easy to look after and require an organised habitat and a light-cycle to help regulate certain behaviours. As such, it is essential to understand how much light they need.

Essential Lighting Types

  • Basking Light: A light used to provide a warm basking area which encourages natural activities such as eating and shedding.
  • Full Spectrum Light: This light also provides visible light, however also provides UVA and UVB which helps to absorb important vitamins and minerals for your dragon’s diet.

How Many Hours of Light do Bearded Dragons Need?

Your dragon should receive 12-14 hours of light per day. This can be broken down into two sections. During the day, it’s best to provide 8-12 hours of light and 4-8 hours of darkness each night. Exposure to light is also essential for regulating a circadian rhythm and can aid in encouraging natural behaviours such as eating and basking.

How Long Should the Lights be On?

It’s important to strictly adhere to the 12-14 hours of light per day. Ideally, you should invest in a timer/dimmer switch to control the light cycle, as this will make life easier for your bearded dragon and yourself.


It is essential to provide the correct amount of light to a bearded dragon. Providing around 12-14 hours of light per day should offer enough light for your dragon to live a healthy life. Also, be sure to provide two separate lights: a basking light and a full spectrum UVA/UVB light.

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