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How Often Do Bearded Dragons Need Calcium


How Often do Bearded Dragons Need Calcium?

Bearded dragons need calcium for healthy bone and muscle development. It is essential to supplement their diet with calcium, in order to maintain a healthy and functioning bearded dragon. But how often should you supplement your bearded dragons with calcium?

Calcium Requirements

Bearded dragons require calcium everyday in order to stay healthy. It is important to maintain the correct balance of calcium to phosphorus, as too much phosphorous or too little calcium can create health complications.

How to Supplement Calcium

There are several ways to supplement calcium into your bearded dragon’s diet:

    • Dust Food with Calcium Powder: Sprinkle a calcium powdered supplement onto their crickets, worms, and other food. This is the easiest way to supplement your dragon’s diet with calcium.


    • Provide Calcium Blocks and Cuttlebone: Reptiles can safely chew on calcium blocks and cuttlebone, sources of calcium that won’t be digested but can collect debris and help to file down razor sharp teeth.


    • Give Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Reptile vitamin and mineral supplements are available from pet stores, and you can give your bearded dragon a multivitamin once a month.


Final Thoughts

It’s important to supplement your bearded dragon’s diet with calcium every day in order to maintain their overall health. You can dust their food with calcium powder, provide calcium blocks and cuttlebone, or give them vitamin and mineral supplements. A balanced diet with calcium supplementation will keep your bearded dragon healthy and active!

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