how often do geckos eat

How often do Geckos Eat?

Geckos are a common reptilian pet and require special care. One of the most important aspects of any pet’s care is diet. Knowing how often to feed a gecko can help ensure it receives the nutrition it needs to remain healthy.

Determining How Often to Feed a Gecko

The amount of food and frequency of feeding a gecko will depend on several factors including:

  • Type of gecko
  • Age of the gecko
  • Habitat
  • Extra vitamins and minerals

A general rule of thumb is to feed a gecko once every other day. For example, a young gecko can be fed twelve crickets twice a week. If you are unsure about the amount to feed your gecko, contact a veterinarian for further advice.

Changes in Diet as Geckos Age

As your gecko begins to age, the type and frequency of food it needs will change. Adult geckos should be fed less frequently than younger geckos; a few times a week is often sufficient. Additionally, adult geckos should be fed a variety of foods such as wax worms, roaches, and other insects.

Additional Considerations

In addition to determining how often to feed a gecko, there are several other factors to consider when providing proper nutrition.

  • Cleanliness: Ensure the food is kept in clean and safe containers.
  • Calcium and Vitamins: Dust feeder insects with calcium and vitamin powders before offering them to the gecko.
  • Hygiene: Always wash your hands after handling your gecko or its food.

Although geckos are relatively low-maintenance pets, it is important to understand their nutritional needs. Knowing how often to feed a gecko helps ensure it is receiving the proper nutrition. Feeding your gecko once every other day and providing a variety of food sources is typically sufficient for most adult geckos.

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