How Often Do Mourning Geckos Lay Eggs


How Often Do Mourning Geckos Lay Eggs?

Mourning geckos are a type of gecko, native to the Pacific Islands, and are ideal for beginner reptile keepers. A key question for many potential keepers is how often do mourning geckos lay eggs?

Egg Laying Behaviour

Mourning geckos lay approximately two dozen eggs per year, between the late spring and early autumn months. Each mourning gecko will lay between two to three clutches each year, each clutch containing two to five eggs. Upon laying the eggs, they are then covered with a milky-white substance to protect them from damage and dehydration until they hatch.

Breeding Best Practice

In order to ensure optimal breeding results, it is recommended:

    • Temperature and Humidity:Temperature should be kept between 24-29°C, whilst humidity should be kept high.


    • Calcium Intake: Calcium directly affects egg production and must be supplemented.


    • Enclosure: The enclosure must be spacious enough for multiple pairs of mourning geckos and have enough vegetation for comfortable egg deposition.


It is also important to limit the exposure of your mourning gecko to light at night, as too much light can affect the reproductive cycle and egg production.


If the appropriate conditions are provided, mourning geckos can lay eggs two to three times a year with each clutch containing two to five eggs. Keeping active mourning gecko pairs in prime condition will significantly increase the likelihood of successful breeding.

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