how often do rabbits pee

Rabbit Urination Frequency

How Often Do Rabbits Pee?

Rabbits have a very efficient urinary system, and as a result they generally urinate much less frequently than other small animals. A typical house rabbit will usually pee only once or twice each day.

Rabbit Urination Habits

Rabbits prefer a place to pee that’s easy to keep clean, such as a litter box, a flat surface, or a paper towel. Rabbit pee should always be removed as soon as possible, as rabbits may return to the same spot multiple times.

Urination Amounts

The amount of urine a rabbit produces is surprisingly small for its size. Rabbits also totally lack the ability to sweat, and pee is a major way for them to regulate their body temperature.

What If My Rabbit Is Peeing More or Less Frequently?

If your rabbit seems to be urinating more or less frequently than normal, there could be a medical issue that needs to be addressed by a qualified veterinarian. Some possible causes of increased or decreased pee frequency include:

  • Dehydration: If your rabbit’s water intake is insufficient or they’re drinking too much, they may experience changes in urine levels.
  • Infections/Diseases: Urinary tract infections and other diseases can affect a rabbit’s urination habits.
  • Stress/Anxiety: If your rabbit is experiencing a lot of stress or anxiety, it can cause them to pee more frequently.


Rabbits typically urinate once or twice a day, which is much less frequently than many other small animals. If your rabbit is urinating more or less frequently than normal, it could be due to a medical issue that needs to be looked at by a qualified veterinarian.

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