how often do snakes lay eggs

Snakes and Egg Laying

Snakes are one of the most fascinating creatures. One of the many fascinating characteristics of snakes is that they lay eggs rather than give live birth. But the frequency in which they lay eggs varies depending on the species.

How Often Do Snakes Lay Eggs?

The answer to this question depends on the species of snake. Generally, reptiles lay eggs more infrequently than mammals, and snakes are no exception. Some types of snakes lay eggs once a year, while others can lay eggs in multiple clutches each year. Some species of snake lay eggs multiple times per year, while others may only lay once every few years. Here is a list of some of the more commonly encountered snakes and how often they lay eggs:

  • Garter Snake: lay eggs every year, usually during the summer months.
  • Coral Snake: lay eggs more than once a year, usually five or six times in a single cycle.
  • Iguana: lay eggs every two to three years, although the frequency can vary depending on environmental conditions.
  • King Cobra: lay eggs every two to three years in multiple clutches, usually two or three.
  • Pythons: lay eggs several times a year, in multiple clutches.


The frequency in which snakes lay eggs greatly varies between species. It is important to understand the type of snake you are dealing with in order to understand their egg-laying habits, as this can help ensure their health and safety.

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