How Old Are Hamsters At Pet Stores


How Old Are Hamsters At Pet Stores?

Hamsters are a popular pet option for many. They are small, low maintenance, and deeply social little creatures. However, there is one major factor to consider when getting a pet hamster: age.

Getting a young hamster can mean that they are more easily domesticated, while getting an older hamster can mean they are potentially i less work to train. When buying a hamster from a pet store, the age of the hamster can be difficult to determine.

Average Hamster Age At Pet Stores

It is generally accepted that pet store hamsters are typically between 4-8 weeks old. This means that they are young enough to be domesticated, but also old enough to not require constant round the clock care and attention.

Traits Of Young Hamsters

Some traits of young hamsters, that you can look out for when considering getting one from a pet store, include:

    • Bright Eyes: Young, healthy hamsters should have bright, alert eyes that appear to be looking around at their surroundings.


    • Fur Quality: A young, healthy hamster should have a full, glossy coat of fur.


    • Activity Level: Young hamsters typically have a high level of activity and will be curious about their environment.


Examining Your Hamster

When getting a hamster from a pet store, it is best to examine the physical traits and behavior of the hamster before deciding to bring it home. The age of the hamster can make a big difference in the hamster’s personality and long term health, so it’s best to select an age that is right for your situation.

When in doubt, you can always ask the staff at the pet store for more information. They should be able to provide you with more information on the hamster’s approximate age and give you adequate advice on their care.

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