How to Attract Birds to a New Birdhouse


How to Attract Birds to a New Birdhouse

Building a birdhouse is a rewarding task that provides a safe haven and nesting place for birds in your garden. But how do you make sure the birds flock to your creation? Here are some tips to help you successfully attract birds to your new birdhouse.


Pick the perfect spot for your birdhouse. Place the birdhouse in a sheltered area with nearby trees and shrubs for protection. This spot should also be close to a food source such as a bird feeder or a fruit tree.


Keep in mind the direction the birdhouse will face. Make sure the birdhouse opening is facing East or South, as this will provide the best protection from the wind and rain.

Size of Hole

Select the right sized hole for the type of birds you would like to attract. Different birds prefer different sized holes. If your birdhouse is for small birds select a hole that is ½ – 5/8 inches diameter, for medium sized birds select a hole that is 1-1/8 inches and for larger birds select a hole that is 1-1/2 inch.

Cleanliness of Birdhouse

Make sure the birdhouse is clean and free of debris before installation. This can be done by scrubbing with a 2:1 vinegar and water mix. Offer additional protection from parasites by also hanging a bag of Cedar shavings near the opening.

Prepare for Young Birds

Show the birds you are ready and that the nest is available. Include nest material such as yarn strings, feathers, and lint at the entrance of the birdhouse. This will show the birds that it is safe and ready for the laying of eggs.

By following these tips you’re on your way to being a great bird landlord and having birds flock to your new birdhouse. Enjoy your feathered friends!

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