How to Attract Birds to Feeder


How to Attract Birds to Your Feeder

The sight and sound of birds visiting your bird feeder is one of the joys of bird watching. Here are some tips on how to draw birds to your backyard and make them even more likely to feed from your bird feeder.


Where you put your feeder is important. Place it in an open area within 5 – 7 meters of vegetation or trees. This will give birds a safe spot to perch and keep an eye out for predators.


Not all birds eat the same kinds of food. Different types of bird seed will attract different kinds of birds. Here are some of the more popular seeds:

    • Black-oil sunflower: A favorite of many birds, including cardinals and woodpeckers.


    • Milo: Attracts doves, quail, and sparrows.


    • Nuts: Suet and peanuts are particularly favored by woodpeckers and nuthatches.


    • Fruits and Berries: These can be a treat for waxwings and some warblers.



Keep the bird feeder clean by routinely checking it for spoiled seed and bird droppings. Moldy seeds can make birds sick, so it’s important to empty and scrub the feeder regularly.


Provide a water source such as a birdbath or fountain. Not only will it help attract birds, but it also provides a place for them to take a drink, cool off, and take a bath.

Nesting Spaces

To attract birds even more, consider putting up labeled nesting boxes for your backyard birds. These boxes provide a safe and comfortable place for birds to lay their eggs and raise their young.

Enjoy the Sight

Now that you know how to attract birds to your feeder, simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the sight. Good luck and happy bird watching!

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