How To Bathe Hedgehogs


How to Bathe Hedgehogs

Bathing your pet hedgehog is a great way to keep them clean, but can also be stressful for both of you. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, bathing your hedgehog can be a positive and enjoyable experience for both of you.

What You Need

Before you start, here’s what you will need:

    • A shallow bowl or sink


    • Warm water


    • A suitable pet-safe shampoo


    • A towel


The Bathing Process

Once you have all the necessary items, you can start the bathing process:

    • Place your hedgehog in the shallow bowl or sink filled with lukewarm water, not hot.


    • Gently apply shampoo around the body and head of your hedgehog and use your hands to create a foamy lather.


    • Rinse the soap off thoroughly with warm water. Make sure you never use a shampoo or soap that has not been specifically designed for pets.


    • Once thoroughly rinsed, wrap your hedgehog in a towel and gently dry him or her off.


    • Once your hedgehog is dry, you can place them back in their habitat.


Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you when bathing your hedgehog:

    • It’s always best to start bathing your hedgehog when they are young so that they can become accustomed to the process.


    • If you are using a bowl or sink to bathe your hedgehog, it is recommended to use a rubber mat in the bottom to prevent slipping.


    • Be very gentle when applying shampoo and handle your hedgehog calmly.


    • Keep the bathing process short and sweet, as hedgehogs don’t like to be in water for a long time.


    • Once your hedgehog is dry, make sure you give them extra warmth and plenty of treats.


bathing your pet hedgehog doesn’t have to be stressful if you take the right precautions. With a little bit of love and patience, you can make bathing your hedgehog a positive and enjoyable experience.

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