how to breed crickets for reptiles


How To Breed Crickets For Reoples

Crickets are a staple food source for many reptiles, as they provide vital nutrition and protein to keep them in good health. Breeding your own crickets can be a cost-effective and rewarding way to provide your pets with food.

Things You Need:


    • Wooden container (with holes)


    • Sticks or Egg Cartons


    • Soil


    • Fresh vegetables or fruit


    • Chemical-free water


    • Vitamin and calcium powder




    1. Prepare the Container: Get a wooden box with holes and line it with soil or peat moss. Make sure the edges are covered.


    1. Add Stick or Egg Cartons: Place sticks or egg cartons throughout the enclosure to provide places for the crickets to hide and lay eggs.


    1. Provide Food and Water: Put fresh vegetables, fruits and chemical-free water in the enclosure. Don’t forget to sprinkle some vitamin and calcium powder on their food.


    1. Introduce Crickets: Put some adult crickets in the enclosure and wait for them to lay eggs. The eggs will hatch and new crickets will emerge.




    • Keep the enclosure at a comfortable temperature (around 75-80°F) and keep it away from direct sunlight.


    • Check the enclosure for mold and clean it regularly.


    • Provide plenty of ventilation by using a fan.


    • Introduce new crickets from time to time to maintain the health of the colony.



Breeding crickets for your reptile is a great way to provide a regular supply of food. It is important to prepare the enclosure properly and to provide the right food and water. With the right environment and care, your cricket colony will be thriving in no time!

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