how to catch snakes

Steps to Catch a Snake

Snakes can be terrifying, but they do help keep the insect population in check. If you want to catch one, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Protective Clothing and Gear

For your safety, it is important to wear protective clothing when trying to catch a snake. This could include:

  • Gloves – Wear snake handling gloves if you have them, or at least some thick leather gloves.
  • Boots – This will allow you to move quickly and protect your lower legs from the snake.
  • Pants – Wear long pants to make sure the snake does not bite your ankles or legs.
  • Long-sleeved shirt – Make sure your arms stay covered.

2.Snake Hook

For easier and safer capture, you can use a snake hook. This tool is designed to give you control over the snake when you are trying to capture it.

3. Find the Snake

Find a likely area for the snake to be by doing things like checking wood piles, logs, shrubs, tall grass, and dark, damp places. Move quietly so you don’t spook the snake. When you locate the snake, carefully approach it, being careful not to startle it.

4. Capture

Once you have located the snake, use the snake hook or your hand to capture it. You can do this by carefully placing your hand or the snake hook around its neck or torso. Make sure you are quick, as you don’t want the snake to bite you.

5. Place the Snake in a Container

Once you have the snake in your grip, you can place it in a Tupperware container or a bucket with a lid. Make sure it is well ventilated, and don’t forget to put a lid on the container.

6. Identify and Release the Snake

Once the snake is in the container, you can identify the species and decide whether it needs to be relocated away from your home. If you decide to release it, make sure to do so in a safe location away from your home.

When it comes to catching a snake, the best thing to do is to be prepared. Wear protective clothing and take your time when removing the snake from its habitat. Good luck!

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