How To Cool Down Gerbils


Tips on how to Cool Down Gerbils

How To Cool Down Gerbils are small desert rodents, so they need extra special care when it comes to managing their temperatures. Here are some tips to help you keep them cool in hot weather:

Provide Plenty of Air Flow

Most gerbils housed in a house keep cool in the summer if given ample airflow. To provide this, you can:

    • Leave windows open. Either leave the windows open without a screen or use a window fan to help keep the temperature consistent.


    • Use fans throughout the house. Place a fan in the gerbil’s area to help keep air moving around the cage.


    • Open the cage door, if possible. If your gerbils have access to a large open-air enclosure, keep the cage door open to allow for additional air flow.



It is important to regulate the amount of light your gerbil is exposed to during the summer. If the days are too hot, try:

    • Reducing light exposure. Place the gerbil’s cage in an area with indirect lighting. This helps to reduce the temperature around them.


    • Making use of cooling mats. You can make cooling mats by freezing small water bottles and placing them in the cage. Your gerbil can sit or lay on the mat to cool down.


    • Providing extra bedding. Adding extra bedding to the gerbil’s cage can give them the opportunity to burrow and regulate their own temperature.



Help your gerbil stay cool and hydrated during hot weather!

    • Provide plenty of clean water throughout the day. This is especially important for gerbils that must spend extended periods of time in direct sunlight.


    • Keep a water bottle in the cage. Place a water bottle in the gerbil’s cage to help them stay hydrated. Be sure to clean and refill the bottle regularly.


    • Spray their enclosure. You can help your gerbil stay cool by lightly misting their cage twice a day.


Following these tips can help keep your gerbil cool and comfortable during hot weather. Remember to keep a close eye on your pet and take them to the vet if they appear ill or unresponsive.

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