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how to fix tail rot in bearded dragons

Tail Rot in Bearded Dragons – What You Need to Know

Tail rot is a potentially life-threatening condition in Bearded Dragons. It is typically caused by a bacterial infection, fungal infection, or poor husbandry.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs of tail rot typically show up as swelling, discoloration, a blackened tip of the tail, and necrotic tissue.

How to Treat Tail Rot

  • Clean the Tail Rot – Using clean, warm water and a soft cloth, gently clean off any scabs and pus from the affected area.
  • Disinfect the Wound – Dilute a veterinarian-approved disinfectant or hydrogen peroxide and gently scrub the area 2-3 times a day with a soft cloth.
  • Apply Necrotic Cream – Apply a veterinarian-approved cream or ointment to the affected area to help promote wound healing.
  • Provide a Proper Diet – Make sure your bearded dragon is eating a nutritious diet with plenty of calcium and vitamins to help promote wound healing.
  • Monitor the Wound – Keep an eye on the wound and monitor for any signs of infection or further deterioration.
  • Seek Veterinary Help if Necessary – If the wound does not appear to be healing, or if the dragon shows signs of infection, seek veterinary help as soon as possible.

Tail rot in Bearded Dragons can be treated, but it is important to take preventative measures to avoid it in the first place. Make sure your Bearded Dragon is living in a clean environment and is provided with a nutritious diet to keep him healthy and strong.

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