how to get frogs out of your pool

How to Get Frogs Out of Your Pool

Are frogs making a mess of your pool? Are they leaving behind their slime and jumping in and out? Here’s what you’ll need to do to get frogs out of your pool:

1. Make Your Pool Unattractive to Frogs

Frogs are much less likely to catch your pool’s attention if it is not an inviting habitat. To make your pool less attractive to frogs, consider doing the following:

  • Minimize Insects – Frogs eat a variety of insects, so reducing their presence in your yard will be beneficial.
  • Eliminate Pools of Water – Allowing pooling water on the ground near your pool can be an invitation to frogs who breed in water.
  • Protect Your Pool – A sturdy cover or net that is placed over your pool when it’s not in use will deter frogs and other creatures.

2. Create an Escape Ramp

If frogs frequently enter your pool, use an escape ramp to help them get out. Commercial ramps are available but you can also make your own.

To make your own ramp, here’s what you can do:

  • Find a Container – You’ll need a plastic or canvas container that won’t be harmed by pool chemicals.
  • Construct the Ramp – Attach strips of carpet tape or non-slip material on the container’s bottom. Don’t make the slope too steep.
  • Place The Ramp – Place the ramp on a side of the pool close to the ground. The ramp should also be close to a place where the frog can enter or exit the pool.
  • Add Bricks as Needed– Add bricks to keep the ramp in place if need be.

3. Don’t Feed the Frogs

If you feed the frogs, they’ll be more likely to hang around. So, it’s best to avoid feeding them and to keep their food sources away from the pool.

4. Remove Tracks By Skimming

Use a skimmer or net to remove frog tracks and other debris from your pool. This will help to discourage them from entering in the future.

5. Use Repellents

If all else fails, you can use commercial repellents (natural or chemical) to keep frogs away from your pool. Follow the instructions on the product and make sure it is safe for humans and animals.


Getting frogs out of your pool isn’t difficult if you take the right measures. Make your pool less attractive, create an escape route, do not feed them, and use repellents if needed. Following these steps should lead to a frog-free pool in no time.

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