how to get rid of fleas on hamsters

Get Rid of Fleas on Hamsters

Hamsters are playful and enjoyable pets that are vulnerable to fleas if they venture outdoors. While fleas may not cause too much harm to humans, they can be very discomforting to your pet hamster. Here are some tips on how to get rid of fleas on your pet hamster:

Vacuum the Area

Fleas don’t just settle on your hamster. They can also be found on fur, carpets, furniture, and walls in the area. Many of them may even hide in crevices and carpet fibres that are hard to reach with a brush. To reduce the number of fleas dramatically, you should vacuum the area around your pet.

Clean the Cage and Replace Bedding

Clean the cage your hamster lives in and replace the bedding every two weeks. Make sure you vacuum the cage as well to remove any fleas or eggs that may have taken residence there.

Wash Your Hamster

You should regularly give your hamster a warm, light-soap bath to get rid of fleas and reduce the risk of infestation. Take extra care when washing your pet to avoid stressing it out.

Use a Flea Repellent

You can purchase flea repellents from pet stores or animal clinics. This type of product is designed to kill off fleas and prevent them from coming back.

Medicines for Fleas

There are anti-flea medicines that are specially designed for hamsters. Ask your vet for the right product and apply it as instructed.

To sum up:

  • Vacuum the area around your pet
  • Clean the cage and replace the bedding regularly
  • Wash your hamster
  • Use a flea repellent
  • Look for the right medicine from the vet

By using these steps, you can effectively and quickly get rid of fleas on your pet hamster.

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