how to get rid of geckos in house

Getting Rid of Geckos in Your Home

Geckos may be cute and harmless, but most people don’t want them in their home. If you have geckos in your house, it’s time to take a few steps to evict them.

1. Find Their Entry Point

First, identify how the geckos got inside. Common entry points include open windows, small cracks or holes in walls or foundations, drainpipes, and gaps around door frames or wires. Once you’ve found an entry point, seal or cover it with material that the geckos can’t get through, such as metal or tough plastic.

2. Reduce Food Sources

Geckos are attracted to small insects, which are often found in the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your house. Try to reduce the number of insects in your home by:

  • closing windows and doors at night
  • cleaning up food crumbs and spills
  • removing uneaten pet food
  • washing dishes right away
  • not leaving food out overnight
  • eliminating standing water

3. Create a Barricade

You can also make your home less inviting to geckos by putting a layer of newspaper or plastic wrap on the floor at the entry point. This can deter geckos from entering. You can also use double-sided tape or a sticky bar to keep them out.

4. Use Traps or Pesticides

If geckos are already in the home and won’t leave, consider using sticky traps or low-toxicity pesticides. Be aware that these methods can be harmful to other animals, so use them carefully and only as a last resort.


Removing geckos from your home may take some time, dedication, and patience. Don’t be discouraged—if you follow the steps above, you’ll be on your way to a gecko-free house in no time.

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