How To Get Rid Of Geckos Naturally


Natural Ways to Get Rid of Geckos

Many people are concerned about geckos taking up permanent residency in their home. Luckily, there are many natural ways to get rid of geckos that don’t involve the use of harsh toxins and chemicals.

Repel Geckos with Natural Scents

Geckos are sensitive to certain smells and scents that drive them away. Try using the following natural ways to repel geckos:

    • Citrus – Citrus oils and fruits are a great way to naturally repel geckos. Try placing oranges and lemons around problem areas.


    • Peppermint – Peppermint oil is a gecko repellent. Place a few drops of oil around problem areas.


    • Coffee Grounds – Try sprinkling some used coffee grounds around the areas where geckos appear.


    • Tobacco – Geckos are repulsed by the smell of tobacco. Try sprinkling some snuff around problem areas.


Other Natural Ways to Get Rid of Geckos

In addition to using natural scents, there are other ways to naturally get rid of geckos:

    • Decrease Their Food Sources – Make sure to avoid leaving food crumbs and other food sources around the home. Geckos are attracted to these areas.


    • Seal Up All the Access Points – Make sure to seal up any holes or cracks in walls with caulk. This will prevent geckos from entering your home.


    • Keep Your Home Clean and DryGeckos are attracted to messy, damp areas. Make sure to keep your home clean and dry to prevent geckos from taking up residence.


By following these natural steps, you can easily get rid of geckos without using harsh toxins and chemicals.

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