how to get rid of mites on rabbits at home

How To Get Rid of Mites on Rabbits At Home

Mites are a common problem for rabbits, and can cause discomfort, pain, and in serious cases, death. Knowing how to effectively get rid of mites on your rabbits is vital for the health of your furry friends.

What You’ll Need

The following items will be needed when attempting to treat and get rid of mites on your rabbits:

  • Mite treatment shampoo
  • Shampoo brush
  • Pet clippers (if applicable)
  • Cotton swabs and/or cotton wool
  • Pet-safe insecticide
  • Vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Bathe the Rabbit

Bathe the rabbit in warm water with mite treatment shampoo, making sure to cover their entire body. Do not use hot water. Use a brush to work the mite treatment shampoo into their fur before rinsing thoroughly.

Step 2: Clip the Rabbit’s Fur

If the rabbit has long fur, it is best to clip the fur back to ensure that the mite treatment shampoo reaches their skin. Clip the fur back with pet clippers.

Step 3: Apply a Pet-Safe Insecticide

Using cotton swabs and/or cotton wool, apply a pet-safe insecticide to the skin and fur of the rabbit. Make sure to cover all areas, paying special attention to areas where mites are present.

Step 4: Clean the Environment

Mites can live in the environment around the rabbit, so it is important to clean the environment as well. Vacuum thoroughly and wash any soft furnishings such as blankets, beds, and other items with hot water.


Getting rid of mites on rabbits can be a challenging task, but with the right items and steps it can be done. Ensure you have the items listed above and follow the steps above to rid your pet of mites.

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