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how to get rid of stress marks on bearded dragons

How To Get Rid Of Stress Marks On Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are popular reptiles with unique personalities and quirks. One of the most recognizable signs of stress in this species is darkening of the skin, known as stress marks. If your bearded dragon has stress marks, it is recommended to take action in order to prevent more serious health problems from occurring.

Identifying Stress Marks

Stress marks usually appear along the spine of the bearded dragon, usually darkening near the head and tail. They may also be visible on the side of the body, near the limbs. Other signs of stress can include excessive shedding of the skin, depression, poor appetite and lack of energy.

Reducing Stress

Stress marks can be reduced and prevented by providing your bearded dragon with a safe and secure environment. Here are a few tips to reduce stress:

  • Provide enough space: Bearded dragons should have enough room to move around freely, so making sure your tank is large enough is essential.
  • Include plants and branches: Adding diverse features to the enclosure will give your dragon a more natural environment and more places to hide if needed.
  • Ensure correct temperature and humidity: Correct temperature and humidity are essential for a healthy environment, and helps to reduce stress.
  • Create safety zones: Bearded dragons feel safer when they can hide away from other animals and humans, so make sure they have multiple locations they can escape to.
  • Handle your pet with care: Bearded dragons can become easily stressed when handled incorrectly, so use appropriate care when picking up and handling your pet.

Additional Treatment

If your bearded dragon does have stress marks, there are some simple treatments you can use to reduce the visibly of these marks. A gentle bath with lukewarm water can help to soothe the skin, while adding vitamin supplements and an ultraviolet light to their diet can help to improve general health.

It is also important to monitor your dragon’s stress levels in order to prevent the problem from reoccurring. If you are worried about your pet’s health, consult with a veterinarian for some professional advice.

Overall, managing stress marks on bearded dragons is not difficult if the right care is taken. Following the tips above will help to greatly reduce the appearance of stress marks, and ensure your pet stays healthy.

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