how to get rid of tree frogs around pool

Getting Rid of Tree Frogs Around the Pool

Having tree frogs hopping around the pool can be both problematic and annoying. The good news is, you can take steps to discourage them from sticking around and restoring balance to your pool area.

Clean Up Debris

Tree frogs often take up residence in the pool area because of the debris it provides. Leaves and twigs are potential homes for them, as well as a food source. Be conscientious about regular pool maintenance, raking up leaves, twigs and other debris around the pool.

Reduce Insects

Tree frogs often visit, or even live around your pool because of the abundance of insects. To reduce their presence:

  • Cut the grass. Long grass and weeds give different insects a place to hide and multiply. Cutting the grass, especially in the area surrounding the pool, can help reduce the insect population.
  • Decrease lights. Lights will draw insects, which can, in turn, draw frogs. Try to keep the lights around the pool area to a minimum.
  • Add screens. Screens on pool and outdoor equipment can help keep the insects out.

Attract Predators

To control the frog population, try to attract their predators. These can include:

  • Birds. Owls, hawks and other birds of prey hunt frogs.
  • Snakes. Add an attractant such as wood chips, stones and logs to the surrounding area to help encourage snakes to stick around.
  • Fish. Adding fish, such as bass and bluegill, to the pool will help reduce the number of insects, as well as help catch frogs that happen to venture in.

Add Natural Repellents

Smell and sound can both act as natural repellents to frogs. You can try using:

  • Sound. Add a wind-driven insect repellent or water fountain to drive frogs away, as they can be frightened by the sound.
  • Smell. Plant mint or garlic near the pool to mask the smell of insects and make the area less attractive to the frogs.

By following this advice, you can reduce the number of tree frogs near your pool and restore balance to the area.

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