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How to Glitch Pets in Muscle Legends 2022


How to Glitch Pets in Muscle Legends 2022

Glitching can be a fun and creative way to customize your pets in the game Muscle Legends 2022. Using glitches, you can expand what you can do in the game and have even more fun with your pets. Here are our top tips for glitching pets in Muscle Legends 2022:

Gaining Experience Points

One of the most popular ways to glitch pets in Muscle Legends 2022 is to gain experience points. By doing so, you can level your pet up quickly and customize them to make them as powerful as possible. Here’s how to do it:

    • Use the Trainer Tower: This will give your pet 100 experience points for each battle won.


    • Fight Multiple Opponents: You can fight multiple battles in one go and rack up more experience points.


    • Upgrade Your Pet: Upgrading your pet’s stats will increase the amount of experience points they gain.


Unlocking Pet Costumes

In Muscle Legends 2022, you can also use glitches to unlock pet costumes. Unlocking these costumes can give your pet a unique look and give them an edge in battle. Here are some ways to unlock pet costumes:

    • Buy Costumes: You can buy special costumes in the store with real money.


    • Complete Challenges: Some costumes can be unlocked by completing certain challenges.


    • Look for Glitches: Keep an eye out for glitches that can give you access to locked costumes.


Getting Bonus Items

The game also allows you to use glitches to get bonus items. These items can be used to further customize your pet’s look, or as powerful in-game weapons. Here are some tips for getting bonus items:

    • Complete Missions: Missions can give you access to bonus items, such as rare pets.


    • Look for Cheats: If you’re feeling adventurous, look for cheats or hacks that can give you access to bonus items and power-ups.


    • Exploit Bugs: If you find a bug in the game, you can exploit it to get access to bonus items.


Glitching can be a great way to customize your pet and have even more fun with Muscle Legends 2022. With these tips, you’ll be able to glitch your way to success in no time!

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