How to Hold Gerbils


How to Hold Gerbils

How to Hold Gerbils are small, friendly creatures that make great pets. While they can be a little skittish, they are also quite affectionate. Learning how to hold gerbils is easy and important for forming a bond with them. Here are some tips:

Prepare Yourself

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your gerbil. Gerbils don’t like wet or cold hands, so keep your hands warm. Avoid strong scents such as cologne or hand lotion, as their sensitive noses will be put off by it.

Approach Your Gerbil Carefully

Gerbils can be easily startled, so when approaching them, move slowly and speak softly. If your gerbil starts to shake, take some time to familiarize your gerbil with your scent and give them time to get used to you.

Hold Your Gerbil Properly

When holding your gerbil, use both hands to support them. Place one hand underneath them and use the other to hold their body gently. Be sure to keep your fingers away from their face and muzzle to avoid startling them.

Gerbil Treats

Reward your gerbil for being calm with a treat such as a sunflower seed. This will help to build trust and form a bond between you and your gerbil.


Holding your gerbil can be a great experience for both of you. Just remember to move slowly and approach your gerbil with caution. With patience and a few treats, you can form a bond with your gerbil and learn to trust one another.

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