how to keep deer and rabbits out of garden

Keeping Deer & Rabbits Out of the Garden

With the spring season comes an array of animals searching for sustenance in our gardens. And two of the most common ones are deer and rabbits, who can easily munch away all of the veggies and flowers. Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can use to deter them from your garden and still keep it pet-friendly and safe for the environment.

Making the Area Unattractive

The key to keeping deer and rabbits away is to make your garden area unappealing to them. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Use a fence. Fences block deer and rabbits from accessing the garden. Your fence should have a 4-foot height, and be constructed with a closely-spaced tangle of vertical wires. If possible, electric fences are the best option.
  • Mulch. A layer of mulch makes it easy for deer and rabbits to detect and avoid the area. Look for mulches that have a strong unpleasant smell, like eucalyptus or straw.
  • Scarecrow devices. Install some fake scarecrows or noise-making devices to frighten away the animals. Visual deterrents like moving flags and pieces of aluminum are also effective.
  • Repellent. Repellents have strong, unpleasant smells that deer and rabbits can’t stand. Look for those that are made with natural ingredients, like botanical oils.

Making the Area Inaccessible

In addition to making your garden unattractive, also make it inaccessible by:

  • Covering access points. Ensure that all access points are covered with a sturdy fence and there are no holes or weak points.
  • Keep food sources away. Keep food sources away from your garden and make sure to cover compost bins so the animals don’t have a chance to eat from them.
  • Discourage roaming. Discourage deer and rabbits from roaming near the garden. Plant plants like prickly bushes and grasses that can help do that.

With these few steps, you can deter deer and rabbits from your garden and still keep it pet friendly and safe for the environment.

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