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how to keep pets warm in winter

How to Keep Pets Warm in Winter

As temperatures get colder during the winter, it’s important to consider how to keep our pets warm and loved. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Get a Pet Crate or Bed

A pet crate or bed offers insulation from the cold flooring, and the raised height of a bed will keep the pet off of cold surfaces. Look for pet beds with removable covers that can be washed and waterproof beds for those rainy winter days.

2. Provide Adequate Shelter

Outside pets such as cats and dogs need a warm, dry, and draft-free shelter to stay warm in. If your pet typically lives outside, check the shelter regularly to make sure it is secure and free of drafts, and add extra insulation if needed.

3. Save the Sweaters

Sweaters, coats and blankets can all provide extra warmth and comfort, especially for outside pets. Make sure the clothing you choose fits properly and doesn’t restrict movement or breathing.

4. Keep Walks Short

Snow, rain, and wind can lower the air temperature and make walks unbearable in the winter. Every dog needs physical and mental exercise, but keep outdoor walks as short as possible and limit outdoor playtime.

5. Watch for Frostbite

When temperatures reach extremely low levels, pets’ skin and extremities can easily become frostbitten. Keep an eye out for pale, gray or white skin, or cracked and blistered areas, and contact your veterinarian if you suspect frostbite or hypothermia.

Make sure your beloved pet is kept warm and happy this winter by following these tips. Above all, pay attention to your pet’s behavior and check in with your veterinarian if there is any concern.

Happy Winter!

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