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how to keep pets warm in winter

How to Keep Pets Warm in Winter

Let’s face it, the winter months can be tough but it’s important to remember our four-legged friends don’t fare any better during the chillier months. To keep your pet warm in colder climates here are a few tips you should keep in mind this season:

Provide Warm Bedding

Provide your pet with a warm and cozy spot to stay such as a thick sofa cushion or a heated pet mat. You can also make them a bespoke bed, with old cushions, blankets, and towels. It’s a great way to keep them more comfortable and most importantly, keep them warm in the winter.

Offer Additional Heat Sources

Lamp lights and heated dog beds are an effective way of keeping your pet at a regulated temperature. You can also purchase kennels equipped with as extra insulation and double-doors for extra protection from the cold.

Keep Their Nails Trimmed

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is important to ensure their well-being in the winter months. Their claws could suffer from splitting and chipping from the cold and chances are your pet won’t be to happy about this.

Watch What You Feed Them

Just like us, our pets need nutritious and hearty meals. Whether its seasonally adapted wet or dry food, a balanced diet can help keep your pet at their ideal temperature. It’s also beneficial to opt for an extra treat or two to keep your pet’s energy levels up – like providing an enrichment toy.

Outfit them in Winter Wear

Get your pet ready for winter by providing them with sweaters, boots, and coats. These items are especially important if they spend the majority of their time outside. Booties are especially useful if the terrain is too cold to walk on without them.

Know When It’s Too Cold

Finally, it’s important to recognize the signs that your pet isn’t warm enough. Some signs of a cold pet include unpredicted excessive shivering, difficulty breathing and sluggish movement.

Taking these added measures can help ensure your pet is at a comfortable temperature during the winter months.

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