how to keep rabbits warm in winter

Keep Your Rabbit Warm in the Winter

Rabbits are fun, lovable pets, and they need some extra care when the temperature drops. To keep your pet rabbit safe and comfortable during the cold winter months, here are some tips to follow.

Bedding and Shelter

Provide a warm, comfortable and dry bedding material indoors or outdoors such as hay, straw, shredded newspaper, shredded paper towels, or pine shavings. Rabbits can freeze to death in sub-zero temperatures so make sure to protect them from exposure to the cold weather. Outdoor hutches should have a roof with walls that are four sides, and a door for extra warmth.


Rabbits may need to eat more during the winter months. This is because food provides natural warmth to their bodies and helps them stay warm from the inside out. Make sure to feed your rabbit good quality hay that is low in calories and full of fiber. Supplement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Heat Source

Create a safe, warm environment for your rabbit by providing an additional heat source, such as a heat lamp or extra bedding, in the cold months. Make sure the heat source is out of reach and securely placed so that your rabbit won’t be able to chew on the cords.

Protective Clothing

Purchase some “sweaters” or coats for your rabbit to wear when the temperature drops below freezing. Look for lightweight, machine-washable clothing that your rabbit can wear indoors and out.

Tips for Keeping Your Rabbit Warm:

  • Provide a warm bedding material indoors or outdoors
  • Feed your rabbit extra food
  • Provide an additional heat source
  • Buy some protective clothing for your rabbit

By following these tips, you can ensure that your rabbit will stay warm and safe through the cold months of winter.

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