how to keep rabbits warm in winter


Keeping Rabbits Warm in Winter

As winter approaches, it’s important to take extra care of our pet rabbits to make sure they stay warm, safe and healthy. With some simple steps, our bunnies can have a cozy and warm winter-proof home where they can snuggle up and stay warm all season long.

Provide Extra Bedding

Winter is when our bunnies will really appreciate an extra layer of warm bedding. Straw or hay is a great choice as it’s lightweight yet insulating. If the hutch or enclosure is outdoors, all bedding should be changed daily, as it can quickly become damp and chilly. If you are using other materials such as fleece or cotton, they should be changed every couple of days.

Choose Fleece Blankets

If your rabbits’ enclosure is indoors, you can use blankets for an extra layer of bedding. Fleece is one of the best choices for rabbits in winter as it traps a layer of air to create warmth. Cover the blankets up so your rabbits can snuggle up underneath.

Offer Special Treats

Feeding our rabbits high-calorie food this time of year is especially important as it can help them generate more bodyheat. Offer your bunnies vegetables like root vegetables, cabbage, corn and winter squash, as well as high-calorie treats like dried fruits and sunflower seeds.

Make Sure Water is Always Accessible

Because bunnies need to drink regularly and especially in cooler temperatures, make sure that their water is kept in a location that will not freeze. De-icing products are available as well as heated water dishes that are safe for rabbits.

Take Care of Health Issues

If your rabbits suffer from any medical issues, it’s important to ensure they are receiving proper treatment so they can stay healthy during the winter. Senior bunnies and those with respiratory issues may need extra attention during cold months.

Regularly Inspect Your Rabbit’s Enclosure

Always check your rabbit’s enclosure to make sure it’s clean and dry. Pay special attention to drafty areas. Make sure that your rabbit’s enclosure is well ventilated, but also protected from strong winds and drafts.


These are just a few simple steps that will help our pet rabbits stay cozy and warm throughout the winter. With extra care and attention, our bunnies will be able to enjoy their winter-proof home and stay happy and healthy!

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