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how to keep wild animals from digging up buried pets

Keeping Wild Animals From Digging Up Buried Pets

Dealing with the death of a beloved pet can be very difficult, and many pet owners choose to bury or scatter the remains in their backyard. Unfortunately, this can also make a pet’s remains vulnerable to animals scavenging for food. If you’ve buried a pet in your backyard and want to keep wild animals from digging up the remains of your pet, the following steps can help.

1. Choose an Appropriate Spot

When choosing a spot for your pet’s remains, it’s important to choose somewhere that is not too accessible for animals. Avoid areas in your backyard that are close to holes and cavities made by animals, like raccoons, to prevent potential digging. Also, look for a spot that’s away from any food sources like a compost pile.

2. Proper Containers

When burying your pet, you should use a proper container or burial box. This will help make it more difficult for animals to dig into the ground and access the remains of your pet. Other items that can be put in a burial box include:

  • Brick or Rocks
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Steel Wool
  • Scrap Metal

3. Landscape Design

If you have a lot of wildlife in your area, consider incorporating a few landscaping elements around the burial site that can help deter animals. For example, planting thorny shrubs, like rosebushes, around the site will make it more difficult for animals to gain access. Additionally, items like tree branches or rocks around the burial site can make it a less appealing option for animals.

4. Burial Restrictions

If you live in an area that has ordinances or restrictions regarding pet burials, be sure to follow them. This will minimize any potential legal issues in the future and make it easier to keep wildlife away from the burial site.

Above all else, keeping wild animals away from your pet’s burial site is important for protecting their rest and privacy. Following the above steps can help keep wild animals from digging up your pet’s remains and give family members some much-needed closure.

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