How To Kill Frogs In Candy Crush


Killing Frogs in Candy Crush

How To Kill Frogs In Candy Crush Every level of the popular app Candy Crush has a unique set of hurdles and rewards. One of these hurdles are the frogs, and when you do not know the correct way to kill them, the level can become rather difficult quickly.

Steps to Killing the Frogs

    • Match Candy: To kill a frog, you must match candy with it until all the candy has been cleared. If you can find four or five of the same color candy and match candy in a row or diagonal line, you can create a special candy. These special candies will do extra damage to hurt the frog.


    • Create Combos: If you can match 3 of the same kind of special candy together, this creates an amazing combo and they will do lots of damage to the frog.


    • Combine Combos: You can combine special candy combos with one another for even more damage to the frog!


Tips and Tricks

    • Make sure the frog is the highest priority in the level and that you focus on it first before trying to achieve other goals.


    • If you can’t find a match for the frog, try destroying the other candy (i.e. jelly, wrapped candy) to give you more options.


    • Try to create special candy combos of the same color as the frog; this will do extra damage.


    • When combining combos, be sure to keep track of your matches and anticipate how much damage they will do.


Killing the frogs in Candy Crush may seem intimidating, but with some practice and patience, you’ll be killing frogs in no time!

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