how to make paper frogs

How to Make Paper Frogs

Paper Frog craft is a great way to teach kids about animals and shapes. It is a fun and simple project for children of all ages. Here are the steps for creating your very own paper frogs:

Materials Needed

  • Colored paper in various colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen or Markers


  1. Cut out two circles from your colored paper. The size of the circles will determine the size of your frog. Make sure the circles are the same size.
  2. Cut out two triangle shaped pieces for the legs. Make sure the legs are slightly bigger than the circles.
  3. Draw on the eyes and other facial features such as a smile. You can use markers or a pen to do this.
  4. Glue the two circles and the two legs together to form the shape of a frog.
  5. Let the glue dry and your paper frogs are ready to play with.


  • Have fun experimenting with different colors and sizes.
  • You can add extra details such as webbed feet and a tongue.
  • You can give your frog a name!

Paper Frogs are a great way to let your creativity shine. So grab your supplies and start creating!

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