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Mating Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are beautiful, social and fun reptiles. If you keep them in captivity, you may be interested in giving them the opportunity to reproduce. However, it is important to be aware of the process and ensure that both dragons are ripe to produce healthy offspring. Here are the steps you should take to mate your bearded dragons.

1. Timing It Right

In order for bearded dragons to successfully mate, the female dragon must be in her reproductive cycle. This occurs every 30-45 days starting from the beginning of the spring. Breeding should be avoided in the fall and winter months as the temperature will be too low for the female to lay eggs.

2. Sexing the Dragons

It is important to accurately sex your bearded dragons prior to mating. Males and females can be distinguished by differences in physical characteristics. Males typically have 2 to 4 spikes along the lower sides of their faces, while females often have a larger head, wide neck, and a larger body than males. Females also have a broader and rounder base of the tail than males.

3. Preparations

Once you’ve identified the genders, it is important to get the dragons ready for mating. Make sure to provide a warm, comfortable, and spacious enclosure. In the enclosure, you should also provide a variety of rocks, logs, and other hiding spots to create a stimulating environment. Before mating, add calcium powder to the female’s food to help strengthen her bones and prepare her for egg-laying.

4. Mating Ritual

Bearded dragons will enter a certain mating ritual prior to actually mating. The male will bite the female and push her around. This is done to ensure that the female is receptive. Once the female is receptive, the male will mount the female and they will “lock” together. This process can last 10-15 minutes and should be avoided until it is complete as it can cause injury to the female.

5. Aftercare

Once the female is pregnant, it is important to provide her with a warm and comfortable environment. Females should be given calcium powder in their food and a variety of items to hide beneath such as piles of sand, rocks, and logs. Females should also be provided with plenty of food and a balanced diet in order for them to provide for their young.


Breeding your bearded dragons can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but it is important to know what you’re doing. Ensure that you are providing the appropriate environment, food, and care to both the male and female dragons. By knowing the proper steps and following them, both you and your dragons will be successful!

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