how to poison rabbits

How to Poison Rabbits

Rabbits can be a real nuisance when they make their way into your garden, eating your crops and digging burrows all over the place. Fortunately, it is possible to humanely control their numbers in your garden by poisoning them.

Essential Tools

  • Rabbit poison of your choice
  • A way to spread it, such as a plastic spoon
  • Protective clothing


  • Wear protective clothing – this is very important, as rabbit poison is a dangerous substance!
  • Find the burrows – Rabbits usually live in burrows or warrens, which can often be found near the edge of the garden or lawn.
  • Spread the poison – Carefully sprinkle the poison around the entrance to the burrow. Make sure that you do not place too much, as this can be hazardous to other animals and humans.
  • Wait and watch – The poison should take effect within a few days, after which the rabbits should disappear.


  • Always wear protective clothing when handling the poison.
  • Don’t use too much poison at once, as this can prove hazardous to other animals and humans.
  • Check the laws in your area to make sure that it is legal to poison rabbits in your area.

Poisoning rabbits is an effective way to humanely control their numbers in your garden, as long as it is done properly and legally.

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