How To Sex Leopard Geckos


How to Identify the Sex of a Leopard Gecko

How To Sex Leopard Geckos Identifying the sex of a leopard gecko is surprisingly easy, once you know the key differences between males and females. Leopard geckos can be identified by looking at:

Physical Appearance

    • Males have a more triangular shaped head, puffier on the sides, and a slightly thicker tail. Males typically have two bulges at the base of their tail.


    • Females have a wider, diamond shaped head, and a thinner tail. Females typically have only one bulge at the base of their tail.


Health Markers

    • Males have hemipenal bulges at the base of their tail, while females will not.


    • Males have larger and thicker femoral pores on the back of their thighs, while females will have smaller pores.


    • Male leopard geckos have pre-anal pores, which are visible pores on the underside of their tails, close to the cloacal opening. Female leopard geckos do not have these pores.


Behavioral Cues

    • Male leopard geckos are more likely to show territorial behavior.


    • Females are more likely to be seen exploring their habitat and display scant submission to males.


    • Males will often do the “head bobbing” courtship display and there may be attempts to mount each other in the presence of a female. They may also be seen biting at their tails when they are trying to attract a mate.


    • Females will often rub their noses and chin against a potential mate.


Once you are familiar with these differences, it will be much easier to identify the sex of your leopard gecko. You can even determine the sex of geckos as young as two months of age. That said, it’s worth noting that the accuracy of your sexing may vary depending on the age and health of the leopard gecko.

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