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how to store hornworms for bearded dragons

Storing Hornworms for Bearded Dragons

Hornworms are an essential part of a bearded dragon’s complete diet. These soft, juicy worms make a tasty treat, but they can’t always be found in pet stores. That’s why it is important to learn how to store hornworms in a way that will let them live longer and maintain their nutritional value.

Steps to Store Hornworms

  • Keep Them Cold: Hornworms are very sensitive to temperature changes, so it is best to store them in a cool place. A refrigerator or other cool spot will do the trick.
  • Humidity Matters: Hornworms need humidity in order to thrive, but too much will cause them to drown. Experts recommend keeping their habitat between 60-70% relative humidity.
  • Provide Adequate Food: The ideal diet for hornworms is a mixture of chopped vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Keep the food fresh and make sure there is enough available for your worms to eat.
  • Change the Water Regularly: Hornworms drink a lot of water, so be sure to change the water frequently and provide clean water for them to drink.


Storing hornworms for your bearded dragon is easy once you understand the basics. Just make sure to keep them in a cool, humid spot with plenty of fresh food and water. With the right care, your hornworms will stay healthy and provide your beardie with a nutritious snack.

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