how to store mealworms for geckos

Storing Mealworms for Geckos

Mealworms are the preferred food of geckos, and knowing how to properly store them will ensure your pet has a healthy diet and a steady supply of food. Here are some tips on storing mealworms for geckos:

Temperature and Light Conditions

Mealworms prefer temperatures between 56-77 degrees Fahrenheit and should be kept away from direct light. This can be achieved by storing them in a dark place such as a cupboard or pantry.

What Container to Use

  • It is best to store your mealworms in sealed containers with air holes. These containers should be deep enough for the mealworms to move and hide. A plastic container like a shoe box with an airtight seal work great for mealworms.
  • You can use a plastic container or a metal one, it really depends on your preference. Just make sure to wash them regularly to keep the mealworms healthy and pest-free.

What to Put Inside

  • Bedding – You will need to add bedding to your container. The bedding should be dry and safe for your mealworms such as oats, bran, or sawdust.
  • Food – Mealworms eat a variety of foods such as fruits and vegetables. You can add pieces of apples, carrots, or potatoes to the container.
  • Water – Make sure to provide your mealworms with water. You can do this by adding a damp paper towel or cotton ball to the container.

Cleaning the Container

Make sure to clean the container regularly to remove food scraps and uneaten food. This will help keep the mealworms healthy and pest-free.

Following these simple tips will help you store mealworms for geckos and keep your pet’s diet healthy and balanced.

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