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how to tell a guinea pigs gender

How to Tell the Gender of a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are one of the best pets to have around. They are cute, fuzzy, and usually friendly little animals that make great companions. But do you know how to tell whether your guinea pig is a male or a female? Here are some tips that can help you figure out its gender:

Visual Inspection

The simplest way to determine the gender of your guinea pig would be to take a look at its physical characteristics.

  • Visible Genitalia: Female guinea pigs have an urogenital opening that is closer to the anus, while male guinea pigs will typically have an urogenital opening that is farther away from the anus.
  • Shape of Anus: Female guinea pigs typically have a rounder, wider anus compared to males, which typically appear narrow and V-shaped.
  • The Shape of the Pelvic Bone: The pelvic bone of a male guinea pig is curved to accommodate their genitalia, while female guinea pigs have a straighter pelvis.

Behavioral Differences

While visual examination is one way to tell the gender of a guinea pig, you may be able to tell whether it is male or female by observing its behavior.

  • Mounting: Male guinea pigs may display a behavior called mounting, where they climb up on female guinea pigs, as a way to display their dominance.
  • Urine Marking: Male guinea pigs will mark their territory by urinating and leaving their scent mark on the objects around them.
  • Hormones: As guinea pigs mature, they may also exhibit behaviors that are more likely to be associated with one gender or the other, such as aggression or nesting behavior.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to understand how to differentiate the gender of a guinea pig. Good luck!

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