how to tell a hamsters age

How To Tell A Hamster’s Age

Knowing the age of your hamster can help you monitor its health, especially if you have a senior pet. Here are a few tips to help you figure out how old your furry pal is!


You can estimate a hamster’s age by its size. A newborn hamster is approximately the size of a bean and weighs around 13–15 grams. At the age of 6 weeks, baby hamsters almost double in size, and reach their full-grown size at 8 weeks. As they get older, they might become slightly rounder but would still remain the same size.


When trying to figure out a hamster’s age, you can also look at its color. Young hamsters have a much brighter coat than adults and their fur is usually lighter. As they get older, their fur begins to darken and their coat becomes dull. Also, senior hamsters can have gray hair, especially around the face and around the tail.

Scent Glands

Hamsters have scent glands around their anus. A newborn’s scent gland will not be visible, but as it ages, it starts to become more prominent. Take a look at your pet’s backside and if you can notice a swell beneath the fur, that means your hamster is at least two months old.

Activity Level

Hamsters really come alive once they reach 3–4 weeks of age, so look out for signs of intelligence and playfulness. Young hamsters are curious, energetic, and they like to explore. On the other hand, an older hamster might be less active, preferring to relax and nap rather than explore.

Overall Health

Older hamsters tend to lack the spark in their personality and they may not look as energetic and alert as a young hamster. Senior hamsters can also face age-related health issues such as dental problems, weakened immune system, and eye issues. By monitoring your pet’s health and keeping an eye out for symptoms of illnesses, you can get an idea of how old your hamster is.

In conclusion, it can sometimes be difficult to tell a hamster’s age. However, by looking at its size, coloring, scent glands, activity level, and overall health, you can get a better understanding of your furry friend’s age. Additionally, if you plan to adopt a hamster, ask the breeder or the rescue organization for their age. That way, you can give your pet the care and attention it needs!

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