how to tell a hamsters age

How To Tell A Hamster’s Age

Telling the age of a pet hamster can be difficult as they age quickly and differ vastly in size, color and other physical characteristics. However, there are some signs and methods by which you can narrow down their age range.

Physical Features

Hamster age can be determined by noticing the physical features of your pet.

  • Head: Baby and young hamster have a soft facial fur, which becomes coarser with age.
  • Eyes: Baby hamsters typically have larger eyes that appear to take up more of their face.
  • Body: Baby and young hamsters rather have a slim physique, unlike adults that have longer, sleeker and heavier bodies.

Behavioural Signs:

Another way to tell a hamsters age is to observe the behaviours they exhibit.

  • Exploring: Young hamsters tend to explore their surrounding more and are less fearful.
  • Active: Younger hamsters are more active, while elderly hamsters tend to be less active.
  • Calling: Baby hamsters make more sounds which includes squeaking, whereas adults are quieter.


Ultimately, the best way to determine the age of your hamster is to take them to the vet and have their age confirmed. Using the physical and behavioural characteristics outlined above, you will be able to make a fairly accurate estimation of the age of your pet hamster.

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