how to trap rabbits

Trap Rabbits Easily

Rabbits are a common nuisance in many parts of the world, and can cause serious damage to a garden. To get rid of them, trapping is the most common and humane solution. Follow these steps to successfully trap your rabbits.

Step 1: Choose Your Trap

There are many types of traps available. For small rabbits, a box or cage type trap is the most effective. Place bait inside the trap and make sure your bait is covered. This will attract the rabbits and once they are inside, they will be unable to reach the bait.

Step 2: Find an Ideal Location

An ideal trapping location should be covered and close to the areas the rabbits have been seen. Look for any signs that suggest the rabbits have been in the area. Check for footprints, droppings, and chewed vegetation. Place the trap in a spot that is easy for the rabbits to access.

Step 3: Bait the Trap

The bait you choose depends on the type of rabbit. For wild rabbits, use vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, or apples. You can buy prepared rabbit bait at a pet store. Place the bait inside the trap and make sure it is covered so that the rabbits can’t reach it.

Step 4: Monitor and Set the Trap

It is important to monitor the area every two hours. Look for signs of the rabbits returning or entering the trap. When it is safe to do so, set the trap by pulling the trigger or pressing the button. Do not touch the trap when setting it, as the rabbits may be startled and escape.

Step 5: Release the Rabbit

Once you have successfully captured the rabbit, you must release it in a different area. Make sure to release the rabbit in a safe space where there are food and other resources. It is also important to monitor the area after the release to ensure the rabbit does not return.

Tips for Trapping Rabbits

  • Check the laws in your area. In some areas, it is illegal or requires a permit to trap rabbits.
  • Check the trap regularly. Make sure the trap has not malfunctioned, and that the bait is still fresh and covered.
  • Wear protective clothing. The rabbits may bite or scratch if they feel threatened.

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