How to Unlock Melody in Angry Birds 2


How to Unlock Melody in Angry Birds 2

How to Unlock Melody in Angry Birds 2 If you’re a fan of Angry Birds 2, then you know that unlocking special characters like Melody is a great way to enhance your fun and gaming experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to unlock Melody in Angry Birds 2.

Step 1: reach level five


The first step to unlocking Melody is to reach level five in the game. Playing through the levels is the only way to progress to level five and you also have to complete a certain number of goals in order to reach this milestone. As you progress, you’ll start to unlock characters like Stella and Hal.

Step 2: complete the special levels


Once you reach level five, you will unlock a series of special levels. These levels are marked by the appearance of Melody, and you must complete them to add her to your list of playable characters. She can also be bred with other characters to produce rare offspring.

Step 3: collect coins


While playing through the special levels, you also need to collect coins. You can use these coins to buy items and unlock features in the game. Collecting enough coins will eventually unlock Melody, so be sure to go for coin-heavy levels.

Additional Tips:


    • You can unlock Melody by earning three stars in all the special levels.


    • Finishing additional challenges and tasks will also offer rewards which can be used to unlock Melody.


    • Try collecting as many coins as you can to buy more items and increase your chances of unlocking Melody.


By following the steps above, you can soon add the sweet-singing Melody to your roster of playable characters in Angry Birds 2. Good luck and may the birds be with you!

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