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How Warm Should A Bearded Dragons Tank Be


Bearded Dragon Tank Temperature

Bearded Dragons are increasingly popular pets, known for their inquisitive personality and ease of care. According to the Petco Bearded Dragon Care Sheet, these active lizards need the right environment to thrive, with temperature as one of the most important factors in their habitat.


Bearded Dragons need warm environments to remain healthy. The best habitat temperature is between 95°F and 105°F.

To create the correct day-time temperature your bearded dragon’s tank, you must supply heat from an external source. This can be done with:

    • Basking lights—specialized heat bulbs that generate a warm area for your dragon to rest


    • Under-tank heating pads—placed underneath the tank to keep the bottom warm


    • Heat mats—a warm area for your dragon to relax on


A digital thermometer should be used in the tank and checked regularly to ensure the correct temperature is maintained. A thermometer that can measure both the ambient air temperature and the heat mat should be used when using a heat mat.


At night, the temperature should drop to between 80°F and 85°F. Adding a ceramic heat emitter, or a red or black incandescent bulb, can safely provide a basking area which drops in temperature during the night.

If you are unable to regulate the temperature in the tank during the evening, then you should provide a heated box, lined with towels. Your dragon can then spend time inside the box and keep warm.


Bearded dragons can thermoregulate, which means they can move from warmer areas of the tank, to cooler areas. This allows them to self-regulate their temperature and maintain the ideal temperature range.

You should provide a temperature gradient in the tank, with one side remaining hotter than the other. This will allow your dragon to move about their tank and maintain the temperature that is best for them.


The temperature of your bearded dragon’s tank is highly important and must be maintained to ensure your dragon’s health and wellbeing. A temperature range of 95°F and 105°F should be provided during the day, with a drop to 80°F and 85°F during the night. Multiple sources of heat should be used to maintain these temperatures and the environment should offer a temperature gradient.

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