is 60 humidity bad for leopard geckos

Is 60% Humidity Bad for Leopard Geckos?

Leopard geckos are native to arid regions and thrive on much lower humidity levels than other lizards or amphibians. They generally thrive in an environment with a humidity level of between 30-45%. So, if you are wondering if a humidity level of 60% is bad for leopard geckos, the answer is yes.

A humidity level of 60% is too high for leopard geckos, and can lead to several health problems such as:

Respiratory Infections

High humidity can lead to respiratory infections. These infections can be very hard to treat and can cause serious lifelong medical issues for your pet.

Skin Problems

Leopard geckos can develop skin problems due to high humidity. They could develop fungal or bacterial infections which will require veterinary treatment.


High humidity can make leopard geckos feel uncomfortable and cause them to become stressed. Stress has a myriad of effects on your pet, including behavioral and health issues.

Tips for Keeping Leopard Geckos at a Low Humidity

Here are some tips to help keep your leopard gecko in a healthy environment with the right humidity levels:

  • Place your leopard gecko in its cage on a mesh-bottomed enclosure, which allows air to flow through.
  • Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity inside the cage.
  • Keep the environment arid, by focusing on providing adequate heat, not water.
  • Avoid misting the cage to increase humidity, as this can be too much for the gecko

In conclusion, leopard geckos do best with humidity levels between 30-45%. Higher levels of humidity can cause a number of health problems, and should be avoided as much as possible. Take the necessary steps to ensure your pet is comfortable and stress-free, and has the best chance of being healthy and happy.

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