Is Bag Balm Safe For Dogs


Is Bag Balm Safe For Dogs?

Is Bag Balm Safe For Dogs Bag balm is a popular remedy for cuts, scrapes and other skin ailments on humans and pets. But is it safe for dogs? Let’s take a look.

What Is Bag Balm?

Bag balm is a multi-purpose salve that’s been around since 1899. It consists of petrolatum, lanolin and other natural ingredients, and has a distinct odor (due to its old-fashioned formula). It’s widely used to treat dry skin, cuts, and sores in both humans and animals.

Is Bag Balm Safe For Dogs?

Yes, bag balm is actually considered safe for dogs. It’s generally applied topically to help with dry skin and minor skin blemishes, and can also help soothe insect bites, hot spots, and other irritations.

Tips For Applying Bag Balm To Your Dog

Before you apply bag balm to your pup, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

    • Do a patch test first: If your pup has sensitive skin, do a small patch test first to make sure he doesn’t have an adverse reaction.


    • Don’t overuse: Too much balm can be irritating and act as an irritant. Be sure to use it sparingly.


    • Check the ingredients: Look for a natural, plant-based balm that contains ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and beeswax.


    • Clean the area: Make sure any cuts or scrapes are clean before applying balm.



Bag balm can be a great, natural remedy for minor skin problems in dogs, but you should always take the necessary precautions before using it. With the right preparation, you can use bag balm on your pup safely and effectively.

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