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Is Bissell Carpet Cleaner Safe For Pets


Is Bissell Carpet Cleaner Safe for Pets?

Pets can bring plenty of joy and love to a home. But with that joy, comes messes that need to be cleaned up. Having the right carpet cleaner on hand can make clean-up a breeze. Bissell carpet cleaners are a trusted brand, but how are they around the beloved family pets?

Pet Features

Bissell offers many features to help keep pet owners safe and their pets protected. Their deep cleaning machines provide:

    • High-powered suction that is able to quickly and effectively remove pet hair, debris, and dirt.


    • Special Oxy formula to help removed deep-down stains and soils from carpets.


    • SmartSeal technology for effective cleanup with minimal overspray.


Pet Approved Products

Bissell even offers carpet cleaners specifically designed for pet owners. These products often include additional features and scented solutions designed to help remove pet odors.

It is recommended that pet owners always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using Bissell Vacuum Cleaners, and always double check any manual before use. This is especially important to ensure that the machines do not over-dry carpets or cause carpet shrinkage.


While Bissell Vacuum Cleaners are generally safe for pets, caution should be used in order to ensure that carpets are not damaged. Additionally, reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions is important. Many Bissell carpet cleaners offer specialized pet solutions to help keep carpets clean and odor free. All in all, Bissell carpet cleaners can be an excellent resource for pet parents looking for an effective and safe cleaning option.

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