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is meyers safe for pets

Are Meyer’s cleaning products safe for pets?

Meyers is an environmentally conscious cleaning brand that is popular with many pet owners. The brand prides itself on creating products that are safe for the home and for the environment – but does this extend to pet safety?

What is Meyers?

Meyers is a natural home care and cleaning brand that creates plant-based products for cleaning, laundry, and surface care. The brand is famed for its use of biodegradable ingredients, recyclable packaging, and “green” promise that respects the planet and its people.

Are Meyers cleaning products safe for pets?

Yes, Meyer’s cleaning products are safe for pets. Meyer’s products are formulated with non-toxic and naturally-derived fragrances and ingredients that are safe even for restricted areas of a home that a pet might access.

That said, there are still some precautions you should take to ensure your pet’s safety:

  • Never allow a pet to drink from any cleaning product container. Even though Meyer’s cleaning products are safe for pets, ingesting them can be hazardous.
  • Keep all cleaning products out of reach. Even if a pet can’t reach a product, their curious nose can still find its way to it and you may want to consider keeping all cleaning products in a cupboard where the pet can’t access them.
  • Make sure all surfaces are completely dry and free of residue. Even if a product is safe, residue that is left behind can be hazardous to a pet and you should make sure you check your surfaces thoroughly.

In conclusion, Meyers cleaning products are safe for pets, but as with any cleaning product, you should use caution and common sense when using them around your pet.

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