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Is Sand Good for Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons are popular pet lizards, and owners often have questions about the type of substrate they should use in their enclosures. One common substrate debate is whether or not sand is a suitable flooring option for a bearded dragon terrarium.

Pros of Sand

Sand provides several benefits for bearded dragon owners. It is generally easier to clean than other substrates, like larger rocks and pebbles. Sands that are specifically designed for reptile tanks (known as reptile-safe sands) are also gentler on bearded dragon’s delicate bellies and feet. They’re also more affordable compared to more costly substrate options.

Cons of Sand

Unfortunately, sand can have a few downsides when used as a bearded dragon substrate. Ingesting even the finest particulate sand can cause impaction in bearded dragons; this is a very serious health condition that can often result in death. If sand is used, owners must be extra vigilant about monitoring their pet’s health, since impaction may not be immediately noticeable.

Using Sand Safely

If you decide to use sand as a substrate, there are a few safety measures you should take:

  • Only Use Reptile-Safe Sand: Do not use play sand, beach sand, or any other kind of regular sand, as these usually contain additives or microbes that can make your pet ill.
  • Keep the Sand Layer Thin: Sand should not be more than 1.5 to 2 inches deep, or your pet may be tempted to ingest it.
  • Clean Regularly: Use paper towels to spot clean after your pet has gone to the bathroom. Replace the sand approximately every 6 months.

Making a Decision

In the end, the decision whether or not to use sand is up to you as a bearded dragon owner. Taking the necessary precautions and being extra vigilant about monitoring your pet’s health will help minimize the risks of illnesses commonly associated with sand substrates.

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