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Is Scentsy Toxic To Pets


Is Scentsy Toxic To Pets?

Is Scentsy Toxic To Pets Scentsy is a popular wax melt company made to be used in electric wax burners for scenting a room. It produces long-lasting scents but does not create smoke or soot like typical candles. It’s often used in homes with pets, but the question remains—is Scentsy toxic or safe for pets?

Scentsy Ingredients

Scentsy is made from a blend of paraffin wax, artificial fragrances, and other natural elements, such as essential oils. It’s a good source to turn to for medical grade essential oils, which can provide various health benefits. Unfortunately, it is not known if all of the essential oil varieties they use are safe for pets.

Effects of Paraffin Wax on Pets

Ingredients like paraffin wax can do more harm than good when inhaled or ingested by pets. According to the ASPCA, it can lead to “lack of coordination, vomiting, and diarrhea.”

Is Scentsy Toxic For Pets?

The verdict is still out on whether or not Scentsy is safe for pets. The company doesn’t specify whether their products are pet-provided or not, so take caution if you plan to use Scentsy in a home where pets reside. You can minimize risks by:

    • Keeping scentsy out of reach of pets: Don’t leave Scentsy products in open areas where your pets can get to them.


    • Ventilating: You can increase air circulation to reduce the amount of vapor your pets inhale.


    • Regularly checking for signs of toxicity: If your pet is exhibiting signs of toxicity, contact your vet right away.


The bottom line is to be cautious when using Scentsy in homes with pets. If you have current concerns, you can consult your vet to get more definitive answers.

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