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is snake away safe for pets

Is Snake-Away Safe For Pets?

Snake-Away is a natural pest repellent that can be used to discourage and repel snakes, mice, and other small animals from entering and occupying a home or yard. Many people are wondering if this product is safe to use around their pets. Let’s take a look at Snake-Away and how it works to get a better understanding of safety.

What is Snake-Away?

Snake-Away uses several natural products, such as sulfur, cinnamon, clove oil, and cedarwood, in an easy-to-apply granular or liquid form. The mixture of these strong-smelling natural products helps to create an overpowering scent that deters most pests, including snakes, from coming near the treated area. Snake-Away is commonly used to prevent snakes from entering a yard or home, and is widely seen as being safe to use around pets and other animals.

Is Snake-Away Safe for Pets?

Yes, Snake-Away is generally safe to use around pets. As mentioned, Snake-Away is made up of all-natural ingredients, with no added chemicals or toxins. When used as directed, Snake-Away is non-toxic, and will not harm pets or other animals.

By using Snake-Away, you can keep snakes and other pests away from your property without putting your pets in danger.

How to Protect Pets from Snake-Away

Though Snake-Away is safe for pets when used as directed, it’s still a good idea to keep your pets away from the treated area. To protect your pets from Snake-Away:

  • Keep pets away from the treated area until it’s dry. If you’re applying Snake-Away as a liquid, avoid letting your pets in the area until it has fully dried. As a granular product, Snake-Away is safe to use right away.
  • Avoid spraying near pet food, toys, or bedding. Keep pet food, toys, and bedding away from the area to be treated, just in case the spray accidentally gets on them.
  • Follow the label instructions. Be sure to follow the usage instructions on the label to ensure the safe use of this product.

By using these simple tips, you can be sure that your pets are safe from Snake-Away.

Final Words

Snake-Away can be a great way to repel unwanted pests from your home without putting your pets in danger. When used as directed, this product is safe and non-toxic for pets and other animals. Just make sure to follow the label instructions and keep pets away from the treated area until it’s dry.

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